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Meet Our Management

  • Jodie Williams
    Hospital Manager

    Jodie was born in Fontana, California and raised in Perris, California.  She has three sons, 20 year old Derek, 17 year old Devone and 12 year old Dezmund.  Jodie has an extensive background in the veterinary industry dating back to her first job at PetCo in 1995 and she is actively involved in fundraising for her boys’ sports teams and their school.  Jodie has been with Arlington Animal Hospital since 1998.  In her spare time you can find her watching movies, cooking and at the game cheering for her boys.

  • Nicole Simon
    Treatment Supervisor

    Nicole was born and raised in Murrieta, California.  She has three pets, Misfit and Ruca the pitbulls and little Stitch, the French bulldog.  Nicole has been a veterinary technician for over 12 years and has experience in small animals and exotics with and her professional interests include reproduction, behavior, exotic medicine and surgery and small animal surgery.  Nicole joined Arlington Animal Hospital in 2009.  She is an avid outdoors person and in her spare time you will find her hiking, fishing and off-roading.

  • John Holland
    Surgery Supervisor

    John was born in Los Angeles, California and raised in Southern California.  He is married to his wife Valerie and they have a son, Matthew.  The Holland family have Lela and Tilly, two mixed breed rescues.  John has extensive experience in veterinary medicine and has been at Arlington Animal Hospital in various roles for over 1984.  He is a member of the Riverside Aquatics swim team and in his spare time you will find him camping or riding his quad in the desert.

  • Richard James Taylor, Jr.
    Laboratory Supervisor

    Richard was born and raised in Riverside, California.  He has a Bachelors of Science in Physics and over 20 years in the Naval Reserve.  Richard’s professional interests included new and emerging veterinary laboratory diagnostics and he has been with Arlington Animal Hospital since 1985.  In his spare time you will find Richard at his favorite hobby, woodworking.

  • Judy Taylor
    Accounts Supervisor

    Judy was born and raised in Orange County.  She has a son, Rick and daughter who is a licensed private investigator.  Judy has a border collie and several Australian shepherds.  Judy initially started working as a teacher’s aide but her love of animals drew her to veterinary medicine and she has been in the industry for over 30 years.  She worked at a number of different veterinary hospitals and joined Arlington Animal Hospital in 1984.  Judy has been involved with Australian shepherds and herding for over 50 years.  She and her dogs have many titles in conformation, obedience and herding trials.  Judy is a licensed judge in conformation and obedience for the Australian Shepherd Club of American in addition to being a member of several other dog clubs.  She has been involved in the 4-H Club Program for most of her life and often gives herding demonstrations.  In her spare time you will find Judy training her youngest Australian shepherd for competition and demonstrating the herding ability of her dogs.