Here at Arlington Animal Hospital we are extremely involved in teaching and training and have created an entire Internship Program.  We have our entire staff working together to help teach all areas of the hospital setting.  There are four major types of Internships to choose from:

  • Pre-veterinary students who are working towards their degrees - must have completed their second year of studies and can only perform up to 250 hours
  • Veterinary technician students who have internship/externship hours that need to be completed
  • Veterinary Assistant students who need internship hours

 All students are completely supervised and have a task list of goals such as (running lab work, collecting samples, animal handling, ear cleaning, surgical prep) to complete during their stay with us. 

In our program, our interns will

Learn How To:

  • place IV catheters
  • drawing blood
  • perform skin scrapes
  • animal behavior

Practice With:

  • fluid pumps
  • medication dosing
  • running diagnostics – such as eye stains, urinalysis, and ear slides

The interns run their own blood work in the lab, prepping pets for surgical procedures and assisting in surgeries with anesthesia monitoring. They step into the role of being a surgical nurse passing instruments, learning the sterile environment of surgery and working with emergency patients that come in. Students that have been with us for a while and shown they are capable get the opportunity to perform their own dental prophylaxis on a team members pet to really understand dental health and the procedure from start to finish

Our goal is to make sure that we Facilitate students to gain veterinary knowledge and skills and aid them in their future career. For questions on how to become an intern at our hospital please email our Internship Supervisor for more information.

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