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Dental Prophylaxis and Treatment

Treating dental disease is more than just scaling teeth.  Treating dental disease involves several steps including probing of teeth, scaling, radiographs (as needed), extractions and suturing (as needed), polishing and a flouride treatment.  It is obvious that proper dental treatment involving the steps described above cannot be accomplished without general anesthesia.  Dental cleanings done without anesthesia are only cosmetic and vital steps are skipped so that the teeth may look clean but harmful conditions under the gumline continue to progress and harm your pet.  Dental disease has systemic effects throught the entire body and can result in serious medical diseases and conditions when left untreated.  We utilized a state-of-the-art dental unit that uses air and water to create the vibration of our ultrasonic scaler.  This is safer and protects teeth from damage due to excessive vibration commonly found with older ultrasounic scalers.  Our state-of-the-art digital dental radiology unit eliminates toxic chemicals and is safer for your pet in that it reduces unnecessary radiation and provides sharp, detailed images so that tooth roots and bony oral structures can be examined closely.  Our high speed dental drill allows us to section teeth and extract them in a safer manner so that nearby structures are not damanged by excessive force.  We have the ability to do crown resections, gingival (gum) flaps and other advanced dental treatments.  We have the ability to perform dental treatments from simple dental prophylaxis to advanced high risk dental procedures.  Click on our icon below to download our informational handout and educate yourself on dental disease and treatment.

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