We know that as a pet lover you have many choices in where your pet is spayed or neutered.  Here’s why you should choose Arlington Animal Hospital.

  • We publish a list of all the safety precautions and services we perform that is already included in the fee – ask other facilities if they even provide these services at no additional cost.

  • Free boarding the night before your pet’s procedure – we know you are busy and we want to make spay and neuter easier to help lower pet overpopulation.

  • Simple, written take home instructions discussed with you at discharge – so you know how to care for your pet properly.

  • Free incision checks and suture removal – you may have concerns after the procedure.

  • Pain medication included – we all know that surgery is painful so don’t pay extra or be told that your pet doesn’t need pain medication.

  • Combine other procedures with spay and neuter – save time and money, lower anesthetic risk and increase your pet’s quality of life by doing multiple procedures together.

  • Completely sterile procedure – no re-use of instruments between patients which means no antibiotics needed post-operatively.  Why risk an unsterile procedure elsewhere?

  • We are almost the lowest cost for the quality of service provided – we all know the cheapest is not the best, especially with surgery.

  • Free ear check – what better time to check and treat your pet’s ears.

  • Free toenail trim – done easily and without additional stress to your pet.

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