The answer is really quite simple:  It’s the right thing to do and we save lives!  At Arlington Animal Hospital, Inc. and 24 Hour Emergency Center we believe that every pet has a “soul family” out there and the only thing missing is the connection.  It’s an undeniable fact that every pet has a special bond to their pet lover that cannot be broken and is life-lasting.  Ask any pet lover and they can tell you about the pet they love, but be careful, they could talk for hours.  They’ll also tell you about the ones they miss every day, that have crossed the rainbow bridge (click here to download this beautiful poem).  Right now there are thousands of lovable and healthy pets awaiting euthanasia in shelters and animal control facilities.  The honest but sad truth is that the vast majority of these pets will be euthanized.  These pets are intelligent, emotional beings who deserve a chance to live a happy life with their soul-family.  We ask that you don’t buy a pet, go rescue one!  The personal rewards of rescue are immense and really can’t be fully described in words.

Arlington Animal Hospital, Inc. and 24 Hour Emergency Center was established in 1950 and since that time we have rescued hundreds of pets that otherwise would have been euthanized.  Most of the pets we rescue and adopt are injured or severely ill and their owners simply cannot afford treatment or surgery.  These pets would have been declined at a rescue organization or simply euthanized at an animal control facility.  We see value in these lives!  Sometimes we spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours saving them.  Most our rescue is done silently, like thousands of other veterinary hospitals across the United States.  We have recently decide to publish some of our rescue success stories.  Why?  Because we’re looking for soul-families for our rescues and because we believe that if people like you read these stories, you may find it in your heart to rescue a pet instead of buying one.

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