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This is Sherlock he is a nine-year-old(ish) dachshund mix who is completely blind. He is by far one of our sweetest patients ever. He came to us in a pretty sad way though, he was left in a carrier in our reception area a week before Christmas. The decision was made that we would keep him and try to find him a home instead of sending him to animal control. In the coming weeks we are going to perform surgery to neuter him and deep clean his teeth. He also now is equipped with a “muffinshalo” which helps him stop running into things instead he hits the bar instead of his eyes which we are currently treating for an ulcer from repeatedly running into things. Please help us find this little dude a home!


This little guy was brought into the clinic late at night in the middle of a cold December night. He was found in a box by a pet store and a Good Samaritan brought him in trying to help. Once the extent of his injuries were discovered, the person could not pay the needed medical expenses to keep him alive. His initial temperature was extremely low, all of his fur was yellow and urine stained, and his body was covered in cigarette burns. He only weighed 2.5 pounds you could see all of his bones. That night he was put on a feeding tube and slowly warmed up.  Right away the little guy had some spunk and loved to be held.  After a few days, x-rays were taken and it turned out he had a healing fracture in his radius (arm) that was broken 6-8 weeks prior. After much TLC our orthopedic surgeon re-broke the leg and placed a plate to fuse the bones together.  One technician on his case took an interest in him. He was so small and cold all the time that she would put him in her sweatshirt and he would fall asleep. Eventually he was given the name Roo because he looked like a baby kangaroo sticking his head out while sitting there. After some time, his fur improved and he gained 6 pounds in weight and continued to be a cuddle monster.  He has had months of cage rest and laser therapy to help heal the bone. He was adopted by that same tech Brittany and now has a great life. He goes for long walks and loves to cuddle on the couch! He now has a new best friend Minnie Mouse which is Brittany’s other dog and they are inseparable.


Abby was brought in to the clinic after the animal control notified the owner that the pet had been hit by a car, unfortunately due to financial reasons Abby was going to be euthanized. This pet was going to need extensive surgery and to stay at the hospital for hospitalization while the wounds healed. The doctor on the case elected to have Abby surrendered to the hospital so that we could start life-saving care. She had a very high temperature and needed to be cooled down before she underwent a two hour surgery where the severe leg laceration she had was debrided, disinfected and sutured shut. For the next days and weeks she had to have intravenous medication for pain and antibiotics because her leg ended up with a very uncommon bacterial infection. We did sugar bandages every day to try to bring down the swelling and promote healing. During this time where Abby was unable to walk and run around. She would lay on the big bed we gave her and she would put her paw in your lap, she would even fall asleep while you held her paw.

After two weeks we started doing cold laser therapy in order to help the healing process be expedited, at first we did it once a day for three days and then every other day for more than two weeks. Her sutures started healing and the skin closed, just leaving little scabs. We removed the stitches and continued oral antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and pain meds. Eventually, she was allowed to walk around and she won the heart of the clinic, she is very sweet greeting every person who gave her attention even all the patients we had whether they were big or small she greeted them with excitement. Even during the severe pain of the first few days here she was wagging her tail and shaking paws with people. Now she was given the great opportunity to go to a great home with a big backyard and two children to play with. She is going to get all the love she deserves. Abby went from almost being euthanized to being saved and rehomed to a new and loving family!


Hi Everyone! My name is Hazel, I am a 10 week old pit bull / bulldog mix who has had some trouble in my short little life. I was diagnosed with Parvo along with my little sister after we were not vaccinated on time. My parents couldn’t afford to pay for our hospitalization and treatments. The nice doctor at night decided to take us both in and right away we were started on intravenous fluids, given antibiotics and acid reducers. We both were pretty sick we were sleepy and had vomiting and diarrhea. My sister didn’t make it she passed away but I’m doing great. I am now on oral meds after several days hooked up to an IV. I like to go outside and play in the isolation yard and love when it’s time for breakfast, the canned food is my favorite! I’m going to continue to get stronger and grow and eventually I’m going to need to find a new family to love me forever.


I’m Olaf, I’m a sweet little lynx point kitten about 14 weeks old with several extra digits (fingers) which makes me very unique. I was very cold and skinny when I was brought in by a few teenagers who saw me hit by a car. The doctor on call decided to take me in as a hospital rescue when I purred at him. Right away the technicians worked on raising my temperature, giving me intravenous fluids and pain meds. Once I was stable they took radiographs of me, clipped and cleaned my little wounds and cleaned me of the dried blood. After a few days I got better, because I have nine lives and I had no major damage from being hit by the car! As I got stronger I continued to purr at everyone and beg to be held. The hospital even made sure I was up to date on all my vaccines and dewormed me! When I was strong enough I was adopted by a family with two little girls who give me love every minute of the day and I let them carry me around. I plan on living my other 8 lives with them because very happy as an indoor kitty.


Bones is a very energetic 6 month old basset hound little boy who likes to eat everything in sight. He was brought into the hospital by his owners after he ate a few chicken bones out of the garbage. It was not the first time he had done this and the parents did not know what to do. Bones needed to be put under deep sedation after radiographs confirmed he had a chicken bone lodged partially in his colon. At Arlington Animal we understand not everyone can afford life-saving procedures, we offered to have them relinquish the pet which they gladly did. That very night the Doctors went in and dislodged the chicken bone and started the pet on intravenous fluids, pain meds and antibiotics. Within just a few days he was eating normally again and had normal stool. He was vaccinated and dewormed and went to a very loving person who adores basset hounds who will watch his trash addiction. There’s no bones about it he’s happy in his new home, he still gets into things but Mom watches him closely.


Squishy was an 8 week old terrier puppy who was the pet of two very small children. The parents of the children were very busy and the children accidentally dropped a brick on his head. He had a traumatic brain injury with severe swelling over the left eye. He was relinquished to the hospital so we could start medications to decrease the swelling in the brain. He was on mannitol and intravenous fluids for a long while. He was also given antibiotics and pain meds which helped him heal. After a few weeks his facial swelling disappeared, his ear started facing forward and he was back to being a bouncing little puppy. He was vaccinated, dewormed and neutered and adopted by a loving family. He was very lucky to have no residual damage from the blunt trauma but fast actions of his owners and the staff made sure he would survive. No chance of Squishy getting squished anymore!


I’m a black little Chihuahua terrier mix about 2 years old but I tell everyone I’m only 1 ½, who ran away from my owner’s house and was hit by a car. The nice people that brought me in did not want to keep me and my family was never found.

After I was stabilized for a few days I was able to have leg surgery. I had to have a plate and screws placed in my leg so that one day I could be able to walk again. After surgery, I had to be on strict cage rest so my fractured pelvis could heal, which means all I wanted was attention from the employees. I won the hearts of the techs especially Teresa. Every day she would come by and give me treats and hugs. She was always my favorite tech her voice always made my tail wag. The stronger I got the louder I got, all I wanted was to be out with everyone and to play in the backyard. Weeks turned into months and even though I was feeling much better I still didn’t have a new home. I made sure to be extra clean in my kennel and give lots of kisses to Teresa hoping eventually she would take me home. After three months she took me home one night and I never looked back. I still come to work with Mom most days I like it here it’s my second home.


Lola was a very sweet and rambunxious 12 week old yellow labra doodle who came in with difficulty breathing, coughing and inappetance. Little Lola had to stay in the oxygen cage 24 hours a day for over 3 weeks. After several tests to figure out what her ailment was it turned out that she tested positive for distemper which is a very serious resistant upper respiratory infection of the lungs. Little Lola was only adopted a few days prior to her becoming ill and she was not able to be vaccinated which caused the virus. Because of how contagious she was she was not allowed to be touched without full gown and gloves. She was on intravenous fluids, oral and intravenous antibiotics, breathing treatments twice a day with nebulization, medications to help with the nausea and to help block acid in her tummy. As she got better she began to grow and started getting very bored in the oxygen box, It didn’t matter how many toys she had in her kennel she wanted love from the techs. Once her lungs were strong enough she was removed from oxygen and then placed in the isolation area where she had to stay for another month until she was no longer contagious. She would try to play and would cough and become tired very easily due to her scared lungs. After two and a half months of being here she doubled her weight, was eating all her puppy food, was able to play for longer and loved her squeaky toys! She was vaccinated, dewormed and adopted by a loving family with three children who understand little Lola doesn’t have any manners yet and needs to be treated gentle while she is still recovering on the inside.


Born with a full white coat and a wagging tail this little malti-poo mix had a knack for getting into trouble. He was hit by a car late at night and brought to the hospital. After pain meds, radiographs and blood work it was determined that this little guy had a mild/moderate pelvic and humerus fracture. This little speed bump may have been in pain but was still wagging his tail and giving kisses to anyone who would hold him. The doctor on the case offered to take the pet in and do the orthopedic surgery. Several days went by on strict cage rest, pain meds, antibiotics and anti-inflammatories and this little one kept trying to walk around, the surgery was postponed and then it was determined that because of the pelvic fracture placement and how the puppy was acting the pet no longer needed surgical fixation! Little teddy stayed at the hospital as a mascot for two months until he was able to run around the treatment area and outside on the grass. He became the true love of an elderly woman and he is a spoiled only pet. He’s no longer a teddy bear though now he is named Minion and has grown in to a very fuzzy handsome little boy.


This little two month old teacup Maltese was purchased from a high end puppy store one week prior to her coming to live at Arlington, the owners were overwhelmed due to never having a puppy before they did not know the nutritional requirements of such a little puppy. She came into the hospital lethargic and having seizures. After blood work was done it showed that she was extremely hypoglycemic (low blood sugar). She was put on dextrose intravenous fluid bag and was given free access to food and water. Within a few hours her spunk was back and she was no longer tired or slowed down. These little dogs need to eat quite frequently to keep their blood sugar normal. Turns out this little love was also harboring some intestinal worms which were evicted after she was given oral medication for two weeks. This little sugar cube is energetic and is very social. She is not afraid of big dogs or people and has been carried around in the pockets of the technicians during her brief stay here. Now little two pound Daisy is happy and healthy and on her way to go live with a family who have two small children.


Born a feisty little tan Chihuahua Coco this 9 month old was a little too good at escaping from home and was hit by a car. She had a severe fracture of her front leg that needed to be surgically plated and fixed. She was in immense pain and needed to be put on a fentanyl drip to control the pain before surgery. Her surgery lasted over two hours and even though it was touch and go under anesthesia she pulled thru. Over the next few days she was on intravenous fluids and several medications. Once she was through the worst she was transitioned to oral antibiotics, pain medications and her leg was placed in a splint to protect it from re-injury for four weeks. Unfortunately because of how bad the break was she had to be on strict cage rest for two full months. Because of her breed it was harder to find Coco a home her stay with us lasted about six months before we found her the perfect home. A two years later she is an inside – couch – potato- lap dog who bosses her other sisters (2 large dogs) around from the top of the throne (her couch). Her happy ending took a while to happen but great things happen to those who wait!


Diva has been our hospital Cat since 2012, she was rescued from the Riverside Shelter. On a few rare occasions she has been a blood donor to emergency cats in need throughout the years. Three years ago Diva graciously gave blood to the Cardona Families cat and that cat survives today. The Pet Rescue Thrift Store who we love to work with posted about Diva and her story and the family realized Diva had saved their Cat and had to adopt her! It’s safe to say Diva may have saved Freckles but Freckles saved Diva too.



Barka is Strong with the force, but the force of the reclining chair was very hard on this little boy. With a broken rib and a pneumothorax that chair landed this pup in an oxygen chamber for three days on antibiotics and some pretty strong pain medication. Automatically one of the technicians knew a family who were recently looking to add to their one dog family with a puppy. Once this little ewok was 8 weeks old he got his first set of vaccines and de-wormer and was sent packing to his new home in a distant land far far away. Safe to say his pupdates from time to time are still entertaining and he’s enjoying being showered with affection.

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